Friday, October 2, 2009

Crochet Pattern Central Accepted My Pattern For Their Directory!

I am so excited I cannot even think. Crochet Pattern Central, a site whose Directory lists a dizzying selection of free patterns, accepted my Simple Scarf for the Homeless and it is now in their Directory, under Scarves.

I had emailed their site, explaining why I developed this very simple pattern (see my blog page for the pattern and the background), and offered it for their site. I never, not ever, in a hundred million years, expected such a simple pattern to be accepted. I worked this one up because our charity crafting group honestly needed a workable pattern for the homeless. It also had to be quick and easy.

It's not just for the homeless, by any means. I am currently making one for a friend who really needs a soft, flexible, but lovely scarf for the cold desert mornings when she waits for the bus at 3am. The desert chill goes through you. I'm making it in turquoise and adding fringe for her. The soft ribbing will be great. I like that this pattern is equally suitable for men, women, teens, and kids.

Anyhow, please forgive me for going on about this, but I truly am overjoyed. I plan to do a post about Crochet Pattern Central within the next few days, and I will be adding their button to my blog site. They are a great resource for not only patterns, but tips and more, as you will see when I post about them.

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