Friday, October 2, 2009

Exhaustion - the Plus Side

There are many reasons for exhaustion, for feeling so tired you just do not think you can go on, that you will literally drop in your tracks. There are many types of exhaustion. The only type that I am concerned with tonight is simple exhaustion. This is the kind that comes from just being plain old tired from all that I had to do today. It is the kind that makes me wonder if I can go on. Or, wonder if what I am doing is worth it.

I decided not to trouble myself by questioning whether my tasks are worth my effort. I know in my heart that the things on my plate are things that only I can do at this moment. Folks need me. I am slowly weeding out the tasks that someone else can just as easily do. It still leaves me with more than enough to bring on this feeling.

I also decided to not wonder if I can go on. I know, again, in my heart, that God will give me all the strength I need.

The problem, for me, with simple exhaustion, is that I get clumsy. I drop things. I forget things. So, I spend too much time cleaning up things that spilled, or broke, or doing those things it's almost too late to take care of.

Instead, tonight, I turned it over to the Lord with a simple reflection. Obviously, if I got it all done, and I am still able to sit and type this blog post, then I managed well enough. Instead of griping, grumbling, and whining, I've decided to thank him for the stamina and fortitude he sent to me today.

Dear God, today was very trying but I am grateful for your help; grateful for the stamina and fortitude you sent, just enough to see me through; please do that for me every day, for every task you entrust to my care.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Evie - I can so relate to your comment about getting clumsy when you are exhausted. Great prayer.