Thursday, October 1, 2009

Crisis After Crisis - Normal?

Another night when I cannot decide what to post. Nothing terrible happened today, so that is good. Any day without a crisis is good. Life is never smooth and I'm not sure we should expect it to be. We killed perfection when Adam ate the silly apple that Eve gave him.

Meanwhile, whenever I hear anyone say, "Well, when things get back to normal," I remind them that most times, in real life, things never really get back to normal.

At a certain point in each life, we start to encounter crisis after crisis. When that begins, it continues. The best we can hope for is a break between each one, time to gather strength for the next one. That is the time, also, to pray for help in dealing with the ones to come.

Mostly, I pray that I am alert enough to handle each bump on life's road in the way the Lord hopes I will handle it.

Father, I know you trust me to overcome the obstacles in my path, but I'm often afraid that I'm not up to the task; fill me with all the grace and stamina I need to handle each mission before me in the way you know I can do it.

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