Thursday, October 1, 2009

Etsy Treasury Promotion

I am really excited. The biggest venue for sellers of handmade items,, has a feature called a Treasury. Members create a list of items from various vendors, unified by a theme. When these Treasuries appear, a vendor's item gets a lot of notice, a lot of views. To have one of your shop's items chosen and visually displayed in a Treasury is exciting.

I've had my Etsy shop since January and today, I was just informed that my Dollar Shirt (Genuine Buck-skin Shirt), a dollar bill folded to look like a shirt, was featured in a Treasury. You can see the Treasury here - if you have the time, feel free to click on each item featured. The more clicks, the more likely that visitors will see the Treasury on Etsy's front page. This Treasury expires (this means it disappears) around 8pm, Saturday, 10/3.

I asked the gal why she featured my Dollar Bill Shirt and how she found it. Turns out that her "pet" project (literally) is saving and/or adopting bunnies and she is raffling off a wonderful piece of bunny art. The tickets are a dollar and she searched for a suitable dollar to put with her ticket. Guess I really got lucky on this one.

I love her store, I especially love her animal renderings, Who Loves Ya, Baby and Lizzie Cat. The bunny art that she is raffling off is just beautiful.

While reading comments on her Treasury, I found a cute store, dragonhouseofyuen. My faves are the cute greeting cards for older folks, featuring "gray hares." So cute.

Yep, tonight I am really excited. If I can't sleep, I'll count bunnies instead of sheep.


pey said...

Thank you, Evie, for all your kind words and effort to bring attention to the treasury and the cause.
xo Pey

Annette F. Tait said...

thanks for mentioning my etsy shop too - I'm glad that I'm able to help the rescue rabbits - they mean alot to me!

(and just to let you know - you don't have to be 'old' to receive a grey hare card :)

many thanks, Annette