Friday, September 25, 2009

Set of 3D Paper Punches Giveaway (10/9)

I have to confess that I almost did not post this Giveaway at FaveCrafts. The selfish side of me figured that if nobody else knew about it, I'd have a better chance at winning these. But the sharing side of me won out. I may regret this.

The prize is a set of 3D paper punches. You've got to hop on over to FaveCrafts and enter daily for this exciting gift. You do not have to be a scrapbook crafter to use these Designer Paper Punches. The prize includes a booklet full of ideas. Here is a brief review by a FaveCrafts reviewer.
McGill Designer Series Punches - Multi-piece Paper Punches (
Review by Maria Nerius
With this new series of multi-pieces punches you can make a 3-D butterfly, bird, and crown. You can punch three sizes of angel wings with one punch. You can make cupcakes in all kinds of layers and the frosting can even become a cloud. The series also has a Flourishes and Heirloom Hearts multi-piece punches. McGill was a well known name umong our product testers with many of the testers personally owning McGill punches (one tester owned over 20 McGill punches). Each punch tested came with an idea book.
You can enter daily until 10/9. At the FaveCrafts site, the product testing results explain how to use these punches in a variety of ways. You can't win if you do not enter!

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Barefoot Mama said...

Being generous pays off Evelyn. You won my giveaway at Barefoot Books! Please email me at with your mailing address so that I can send you your tote bag. Have a great day!