Thursday, September 24, 2009

People Sharing Their Faith

I'm 70 now, and I honestly cannot remember people ever sharing their faith more openly than they do today. I grew up a Catholic, fell away, and came back. In all those years, people went to church; others did not but still believed. But rarely did any of them discuss it as freely as they do now.

Just today, a neighbor called to give me her new home address within our mobile home community. She said, easily and casually, that the Lord had given her this new home. It is a used home, single wide, but much better and much newer (even though almost 20 years old) than the one she just left. When she told me the price, it was incredible. Again, she shared that the Lord had led her to this one.

I hear similar stories almost daily. Sometimes in line in the supermarket; other times, in very odd places. They share without hesitation. It is not a heavy handed faith, not a nagging listing of reasons why anyone else should believe as they do. It is just a simple witnessing, a simple testimony.

How can we pay any attention to the media and to other sources that tell us that the world is a rotten place when we have so much evidence that so many believe? I am so comforted by these stories. I really should share them at the time I hear them. You, too, will feel better knowing that others, like you, have a sweet, quiet faith to get them through life's worries.

They are not all Christians, either. A wonderful Muslim man has crossed my path. He is hard working, and has deep simple faith, and in his personally-owned business, he believes in integrity and respect.

That's all any of us can ask of our neighbor - integrity and respect.

Oh, Lord, my Lord, thank you for placing so many people on my life's path, people who share their faith so sweetly and openly; bless them all, and bless me with a like faith and a willingness to share.