Saturday, September 26, 2009


I belong to two Yahoo swap groups. In these groups, a swap or exchange is announced, and if you want to join, you email the host. Partners are assigned. You each send and you each receive. They are a lot of fun because you get to see many different techniques, many new ideas, and you have a good time.

Today, I received a swap and one of the items, at first, seemed to be a longish pot handle cover. When I opened the note inside, it turns out it was a knitted dish-mitt. It is so cute. You slide your hand in and there is a thumb hole (kinda like a fingerless glove but closed at the top). You just do your dishes wearing your handy little dish-mitt. I love this idea. And I'm so happy that the gal who sent it to me (Sheilah) was my partner so I managed to see it and I'll get to use it
I'll try to take a photo tomorrow or soon. I know, I know. I have been promising a photo of this, or a photo of that, and I have been really bad about following through. I hope to change that nasty bad habit of procrastination that I have... soon.

Meanwhile, I hope to post soon about two swap groups that I know of that are fun to be involved in. Each has a different type of swap, but each features lots of friends and lots of help when you need it. One is fairly large (several hundred) and the other is small (not even a dozen). I hope I have your curiosity aroused...

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