Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why I Need to Pray More Often

Sometimes we forget that prayer is very simple. It is not always a long, involved formal prayer that we must memorize or read from a card or book. The best prayers, I think, are those that come from the heart, on the spur of the moment. They are a one-on-one talk with God.

The easiest way to pray more often is to ... just do it.

Today, I found myself putting that method into practice. I promised a neighbor to look after his kitty and bird while he was away. I found myself fretting over small details of their care. Then, suddenly, it dawned on me. Instead of fretting, pray. Instead of worrying, ask for help. And I did.

I asked God what he needed me to do first for these little creatures of his. The neighbor is elderly and isn't as diligent, due to his limits, in their care as I would be. My answer from God came immediately when I got to the neighbor's home. The cat's water dish really needed cleaning, as did the bird's water cup. I took care of both matters right away.

Then I saw that the bird's perches needed scraping, badly. Tomorrow, I'll take something with me to do that. Little things are being shown to me, as I need to know, and as I have the time to do them.

I also asked God to help me with some bills, rather than drive myself crazy with worry. An odd refund check arrived today, totally unexpected, for roughly $100. It will pay the car insurance, and on time, within one day of cancellation - great timing, my Lord! I also received an unexpected gift of cash, from a totally unexpected source, which will pay an IRS bill I need to send off.

You know, I really could get used to having God take care of me. He has reminded us that he clothes the lilies of the field and will take care of each of us, if we come to him.

All too often, the answer to my worries is right in front of me. The solution is not visible to me because I am too consumed with fear and concern. What a relief it is to turn it over to someone who has offered his help, and has promised it. What is wrong with me that I do not do it more often?

Dear Father, bless me, please, with the grace to come to you in life's daily troubles and to turn them over to you, trusting in your care.

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