Friday, September 11, 2009


I have a tendency to put things off. It's not as though I don't already have a lot to do each day, but I know that if I do things in order, I would accomplish even more than I already do. This blog is a special bump on my to-do road. I got lucky tonight. I was all set to neglect it and I read a post by another blogger, Curtis Collectables, who I follow. She kick-started me without her even planning to.

Although I rarely mention it, I'm Catholic, and we have a prayer that ends with the words, " now and ever shall be." It refers to the fact that God always was and always will be. I really like that part of the prayer. It reminds me that I should think of the seconds, minutes, and hours of my life in terms of eternity. What seems like a huge matter this moment, is a very small matter in terms of eternity. That part of the prayer always helps me put things into perspective. It would be good if I could remember to think about that more often.

Back to procrastination. Time is a tricky matter. I really need to pray more often that I am open to God's guidance on which things to do each day, and in what order, according to God's eternal plan, not according to my own time-frame.

Dear Lord, please send me the grace to follow your plan, and help me to avoid my tendency to drag my feet on some tasks; I trust your guidance and I will try to be more open to it.

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Curtis Collectables :) said...

You're such an amazing lady Evie! You are so dedicated to what you believe in and that is so awesome. I'm glad I inspired you to write.