Thursday, September 10, 2009

In Difficult Times, Never ask, “What next?

I learned a long, long time ago, to never, ever ask, during difficult times, "What next?" or "What else can go wrong?" It's almost a sure thing that you'll find out. It's human instinct, though, to ask those things, and it's a very hard habit to break.

These past few years, whenever I can sense that I'm about to use that phrase when one crisis after another surfaces, I try a different approach. So far, it has helped me a great deal to deal with life.

At those times, I say, instead, "Thank you, Lord, for trusting me to handle this in the manner you want me to do."

A few days ago, when a few things whipped through my life in bunches, I was very tempted to wonder what else could go wrong. Thank heaven, even though it brought me to tears, I did not ask that. After the tears dried, and the prayers had ended, I started to look for solutions. One, especially, worked out in an amazing way.

My lower dentures were broken, again. I had tried several times this year to fix them with Super Glue. By this time, I had a lot of residue on them. I tried to find a denture school nearby and, instead, found a mobile denture lab. This gentleman not only fixed them and made them better than before they snapped in half, he let me split the fee over two payments. In addition, I have flyers from him to leave for the over-400-some homes in our senior community. So not only did I find a solution, I found one that helped not only me, but possibly my neighbors, and this fellow who fixed them for me, too.

Heavenly Father, forgive my doubt when troubles pass through my life; help me to see, instead, the success hidden inside the problems.


Claudia said...

I agree. That's right up there with "Why me?" *shudder*

Anonymous said...

Evie - you are such a true testament. So glad to hear you were able to get the fix and help others!