Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Life's Issues

My last post was 4 days ago, about Procrastination. I think I'd better pray a little harder on that issue - I'm not improving very quickly (grin).

Tonight, I was thinking about how much easier life is when I flow with it, rather than resist it. About 25-30 years ago, I wrote a lot of "fillers." They are the little one-and-two line sayings, some funny, some wise, some sarcastic, which magazines like the Reader's Digest and others, use to fill up "white space."

One, in particular, I wrote at a time of inspiration and need. I am always amazed at how often it comes back to me when I need to remember it. The words? "It's easier to roll with life's punches than to try to punch life back."

It is so true. The more we whine, whimper, and complain, the harder it is to get past the bumps on life's road. The more we grumble, wondering why God is not helping us, or how we are going to get all of our tasks done, or why we have to do this-or-that, the harder it is to finish the tasks and get on with life.

Father, thank you for sending me those words, that thought, so many years ago, and for reminding me about it when I most need it.

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