Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Will versus His

Today, and several days recently, not necessarily in succession, I have run into whole chunks of time that went "wrong." I had tasks, chores, projects in mind for those time slots, but other needs interrupted their progress. In short, I just did not get done what I had planned to do. I've mentioned this off and on. Usually, I can see the wisdom of doing what I had to do versus doing what I had planned to do. But not always.

When it happens a lot, I have to sit down and give myself a talk. Obviously, my plans and God's plans are not always on the same track. He obviously knows better. So how can I deal with this? How can I calm myself down when I become annoyed because it happens? I get annoyed at myself, at life, at the world that is intruding on my plans.

The solution to my stress and tension when this happens is right there in front of me. I need to pray for his guidance and for the ability to get out of his way and onto his track. It's very hard to do that in the middle of our conflict of interests (mine versus his). Therefore, I need to pray when I first get up each day, before I get too involved in my own life and plans.

Dear Lord, please guide me, gently, if possible, onto the track you want me on this day, and please forgive me for the times when I have taken a different path that the one you need me on.

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