Wednesday, September 16, 2009


For those new to the word Plarn, it is "yarn" made from recycled plastic - plastic grocery bags, VCR tape, cassette tape, etc. A friend of mine just made a beautiful bag from VCR tape. I hope she posts a photo and writes something about her adventure with it. If she does, I'll put a link here.

Meanwhile, I hope to do some work with Plarn, myself, soon. They say that it is tricky getting used to the new texture. I follow the posts and projects on the website by Cindy at

Don't let the title of the site fool you. It is not only about handbags or totes. I assume Cindy began on those, but she does amazing things these days with all sorts of recycled materials - plastic bags, VCR and cassette tapes, and even t-shirts. She has the cutest baby bib pattern on this site, using strips cut from old t-shirts. She has the most glamorous handbag in a striped shell stitch pattern using different color bags to get a striped effect. And the cassette tape clutch looks shiny and elegant enough for evening use!

Cindy generously provides free patterns for many of these, including a cassette tape halter dress for fashion dolls. Each time I visit her site, I become re-motivated. You cannot beat her patterns, posts, and tutorials if you want to be eco-friendly and green.

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RecycleCindy said...

I saw your link back to my site and just had to leave a comment after reading your post. What a wonderful and kind review you wrote about my crafting blog. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. God bless and happy green crafting to you!