Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Peaches & Creme's Customer Service - Just Peachy!

I have been using Peaches & Creme crochet thread and cotton worsted for well over a year now, ever since I found their site (http://www.peaches-creme.com) and ordered a grab bag and was astounded by how many goodies I received in that order. I've also contacted them, several times, with odd questions here and there, and I have always, always received a polite and very good answer. Their attention to Customer Service is incredible and totally won me over as a loyal customer. I might not always order online but I have been buying their products, which are consistently good, for a long while. I also love the patterns they have on their site.

My latest email for help involved my trying to find a way to figure out yards-per-ounce for cotton thread (50, 40, 20, 10, 5). Most companies do not put both yardage and weight on their labels. Even at Peaches & Creme, only size 5 Perle cotton thread shows both in the description. However, their listing of yardage per pound is on every size of cotton thread.

My question to them was simple: "Do you know of anywhere I can find a way to convert yards to ounces? I'm trying to find a way to estimate yardage in finished products by weighing them..."

I also asked that question of five other manufacturers and distributors. Only one other firm replied and they missed the point entirely, giving me yarn conversion figures instead of thread. Yarn labels always have both yardage and weight; crochet thread, for the most part, does not.

Peaches & Creme directed me to their site, explaining that both yardage and weight was listed on every one of their crochet thread descriptions. They were right. All the crochet thread products listed the yardage for the one pound cones. However, this worried me. I worried that the weight included the cardboard tube or cone.

I found that the No. 5 Perle thread, however, listed yardage for both the one pound size as well as for the 1.75 oz ball. Making a long story short and less boring, I hope, I was able to use that to verify that the yardage for the one pound cone and the 1.75 oz ball was consistent, which assured me the cardboard was not included.

Thanks to the Customer Service attitude at Peaches & Creme, I have enough info to make myself a little chart for the different thread weights, yards-per-ounce. As soon as I have it done, I'll post it here and then leave a permanent link to it on my sidebar.

Thank you, Peaches & Creme - you have a Peach of an attitude toward your customers!

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