Monday, August 17, 2009

Crochet Thread Yardage vs Weight

I am in a quandary. I need to know how much crochet thread I am using for several projects for my Etsy shop. It is very easy to figure that out when using normal yarn. On yarn, which comes in skeins, both the yardage and the weight are on the wrapper. On crochet thread, however, only the yardage is shown.

Now, I do not really want to make something, rip it out, and measure that yardage, foot by foot, with a ruler or tape measure. Some crochet thread is sold on one-pound cones, but I do not know if the heavy cardboard cone is included in the weight.

I also do not want to resort to taking several crochet thread sizes (10, 50, 3, etc.) and literally unwinding all of one ball off its cardboard center, and then weighing the whole thing, and recording that on the label near the yardage.

Taking advantage of the cyber-age, I emailed several manufacturers and distributors about this, but I do not think they have an answer. I believe they just deal with this type of thread in terms of yardage only.

So, my friends, I have a feeling I will be doing my own research. If I do, I will make a chart and I will make it available via a link on this site. I hate to do all that work just for me.

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