Monday, August 24, 2009

He Loves Us All

This will probably be a short post. I have written before concerning my worries about whether I should bother God with matters concerning my pet. In those posts, I realized that he loves all creatures, as the phrase goes, great and small.

So tonight I felt completely comfortable in praying for him to bring my 13 yr old fella back home. I must get to sleep, soon, tonight. My pattern is messed up because of some new household routines, and last night was the first night I did not hear the alarm. I almost did not get up in time to get a household member up. He never, ever hears an alarm, while I have always been, even as a child, the one who never even needed one. I was very concerned when I realized I didn't hear it because I had cut back to only 2-1/2 hrs a night, depending on naps during the day to catch up. Tonight, I am determined to get at least 4 hrs straight through.

However, the kitty scooted out an hour ago and found he liked the now-cool night air and went wandering. I prayed ever so hard. I was scared. For him, lest he get caught in one of the traps the neighbors are allowed to set for strays, and for me, lest I get to sleep, again, too late.
Fortunately, the Lord did hear my prayer, and I am happy, for both me and the little guy.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for helping all your creatures who come to you.

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