Monday, August 24, 2009

Blog Hop - Time to Laugh - Real Life

Jokes are kinda funny in an odd sort of way. Some folks like some jokes; other folks find the same jokes very un-funny. But in our family, we had enough to laugh about just from our own stories.

For example, my mom, bless her soul (passed on in '94) could not tell a joke right if her life depended on it. We finally told her the simplest joke we could think of. The joke: Why can't you milk a mouse? The answer? Because you can't get a bucket under it. Pretty lame but simple. Poor Mom. She told me one day on the phone she couldn't figure out why people weren't laughing when she told it. I asked her to tell me exactly what she was saying. She said, "I ask them, 'Why can't you get a bucket under a mouse? Because you can't milk it." Poor mom. We just loved her to pieces.

My sis can tell a joke but she is especially funny because she often mixes words up that sound similar. We had a dear friend in Southern California, and one day my sis called me and said, "Juanita just came from the eye doctor. He deleted her eyes." It took me a second to control myself, and then I said, "I think you mean he dilated them." "Yeh," she said, "and then he's going to give her cataracts." By then I was almost doubled over, and I said, "I think you mean contacts." We always called them Betty-isms, and we just love her to pieces.

So, I don't have any formal jokes, just some smiles from real life. I can't wait to hop around and find some to send to my DB - he and I love puns, and he loves blonde jokes, so hopefully, I can find some we haven't heard already.
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Saph @ Walk With Me said...

That's hilarious!!! Deleting of the eyes and giving cataracts!! LOL

Happy Blog Hoppin'
Hope you find my post funny! :)

the brown couch said...

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Kelly's Ideas said...

very sweet post - I've enjoyed your blog.

Sally said...

Oh your poor dad is a combination of both your mother and sister. He can't tell a joke right but it will be funny cuz he'll use the wrong words!

Shelly said...

Deleting the eyes? LOL Too funny!

Happy hopping!

Kelly said...

Great story