Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Our Tally of 2018 Charity Crafting Distribution

Our little Charity Crafters group is happy to announce the 2018 totals for all that we made (crocheted, knitted, etc.) for the local needy last year. These are just the things we already gave out and distributed. We always have more that is being accumulated for when we have enough to drop off for distribution.

For babies and new moms in need:
Baby Hats - 82
Baby Blankets - 19
Baby Jackets - 29
Baby Bibs - 1
Baby Ponchos/Dresses - 17

And for our local and nearby homeless:
Hats - 382
Scarves - 175
Gloves - 56
Fleece ponchos - 9

And for a local VA center
Lap Covers/Afghans - 20
Shawls - 16

We are grateful for the yarn that’s been donated for these projects.

To date, we have made a total of 6,432 items for the local needy! 

We began April 9, 2009, nine years ago. Doing some quick math shows me that we are distributing about 600 items each year. Considering our member count varies between 4 and 8, and seems to average about 5, that is incredible in my eyes.

Plus our ladies love doing this. I love our ladies!

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