Saturday, November 17, 2018

VHS, Food, Projects...

Managed to get a few things done today.

I finished off 4 scarves I had worked on during my procedure prep day and the day of the event. And I began a baby blanket for a new arrival in a friend's family. That was all fun.

I did also make coffee ahead for 3 days. I should take out some chicken tomorrow and make a chicken soup the next night or so. Time to re-stock my prepared-ahead meals.

I skipped the really big monthly food pantry - it did not seem very wise to push for this time. Standing in the cold for an hour until they began, walking the pickup line, loading all the bags into the car - seemed unwise considering I just went through 2 days of pretty much no solid food. I have enough in my home for my needs for now.

VHS tapes - I've been slowly getting rid of these. The past 3 weekends, I've played them on Saturdays and Sundays when the TV seems to repeat itself... that has been a fun distraction.

Oh, and I want to try to set up the digital TV a friend gave me - must disconnect one of the indoor antennas and connect it to this and figure it out... hoping to do that Monday! Can't wait...

Rolling along...

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