Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Life is Not Static; Life is Constantly Changing Around Us

Life has been moving along but, happily, not in a bad way. I've been busy for a little over a week, morning and evening, with feeding a friend's pups.

In between, I've worked on projects for the local homeless. I've prepped food in batches so that I've had meals that were quick and easy to re-heat. I love when I've done that for myself, I really, really do!

This Friday, I have perhaps my final colonoscopy. Prep begins Thursday. I've been doing this every 3 years, for 20 years, because of my Stage 3 colon cancer in '99. I would be so happy if he bids me a smile and a farewell!

I've become very happy and excited about just plain living and enjoying my home. I realized recently that I've been here since '01 and have always been running, running... first it was the job I was in when I got here; then it was caregiving for 3 years for a family friend, then another few years with my "nephew." When he passed on, I was busy just surviving! Even until the end of last year, I was mostly just surviving.

So, now, honestly, I really want to enjoy this home for a few years before I leave this earth. Looking at 80 next year makes me realize yet again that priorities must often be adjusted. Life is not static - life changes around us. I want to stop running; I want to enjoy. For me, enjoyment is peace and quiet in my own home, something I have not fully had until now.

I still have my charity crafting and my volunteer work on our park newsletter, and so long as I enjoy them and feel I am productive with those, I'll continue.
Rolling along...

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