Saturday, August 12, 2017

Upcoming Months: Priorities, Goals

Started realizing yesterday that my days are quickly filling up and I’d better start thinking about prioritizing my time.

Tomorrow, I really should gather all the items our charity crafters have finished for Baby’s Bounty. I need to bag them and document them and then, early this week, as soon as possible, deliver them. I need the room for park-wide-yard-sale sorting.

One thing that is high on the list this month and next is sorting for the October (13th, 14th, 15th) park-wide-yard-sale. This time, I’d like to clear a spot early on so I can begin stacking stuff in that one dedicated spot.

Our park newsletter is back in motion for a September 1st issue and I need to begin drafting that.

Along the way, and before the newsletter (which means this coming week, probably) I really want to, and need to, finally defrost the upright freezer again. It’s been two years. Last time it was three years so I am getting better at this.

Also, I want to transfer items from my old Etsy shop to my Facebook page.

I’ve already made appointments for the podiatrist (mid-Sept) and dermatologist (possible melanomas - mid-Oct).

Along the way, I will try to keep submitting more pieces to the Chicken Soup for the Soul people, among other markets.

These are all at the top of the list - and we all have our own daily routines, as well. We must eat, we must shop for that food and prepare it, we must shower and do laundry and, well, you know.

I think I’ll write the biggies on a piece of paper, in Sharpie, and tape it to a wall that I absolutely cannot miss seeing daily. Good luck to me on that.

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