Saturday, August 12, 2017

Prayers of Gratitude by the Dozen

I was thinking late today about some things I am very thankful for. It seemed as though I must have had a list of a dozen. So I tried to itemize them - some are large and some are small - gratitude comes in all sizes apparently.

Good water pipes
Considering all the trouble I had last year and into the spring of this year, I am very very grateful that I was finally able to get those rotted old galvanized water pipes replaced. Every time I rinse fresh produce, take a shower, do a wash load, I say a quiet prayer of thanks - that is a lot of prayers, often, in just a single day.

Cat Comfort
Although I wasn’t sure this was the cat for me when my “nephew” picked her out in January ’13, she turned out to be the one that was right for this time of my life. She even helped kick-start me back into the free lance writing field I so love.

Fresh Produce
Thanks to dear friends and to food pantries and to wise use of seasonal sales, I have plenty of fresh produce to use in my meals.

TVs That Work
There were times I didn’t even have this. And then I disconnected from contract-tv and went to broadcast-tv with old analog sets, converter boxes and indoor rabbit ears. Still, today I was blessed with another wonderful day of PBS pledge drive music events.

Eyes That Are Better Than Ever - thanks for cataract surgery in ‘14

Working Internet - for research, for connections with friends, for weather updates and more

Crocheting - not only comforting but adding purpose to my life

5 Senses That Still Work - so far

Sense of Humor - still able to laugh at things, including my life

Faith - this should be at the top because it’s what gets me through each day!

Friends - not enough words to express my feelings about this blessing

My Home - for as long as I am able to continue to keep it up and to live here

Lord Jesus, I come to you tonight to ask you to go to the Father for me and thank him for all my blessings, of which these are only a small part. Thank you, too, for living here on earth and sharing our earthly experiences so you can explain to the Father just what we feel and think while in these bodies on loan to us.

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