Sunday, July 30, 2017

Spaghetti Squash Cutting Tip, Red Dot Exercise, and More

My friend who brings me a few spaghetti squash from their garden a few times a year happened to mention a tip I will try the next time I’ve one of those goodies. The first time, I somehow managed to cut it in half and nuke it in two pieces. The second time, realizing I probably needed a chain saw to cut it, I did it in a crock pot along with some potatoes. The squash went in whole but when it came it, it was ever so easy to cut.

Now my friend says her neighbor tried a different tactic. She just nuked it for 3 minutes and when it came out, the rind easily yielded to the knife. Good one.

Silkie hasn’t had a lot of exercise lately. After her terrible accident in February, she isn’t allowed out when anybody or anything is up and around. But with me being a normally very early riser, I can let her out just around dawn. So, between 5:15 and 5:30 or so, she enjoys walking the driveway, nibbling a neighbor’s weeds at the edge of our adjoining lots, and chasing the occasional bug or moth or whatever. But that’s not nearly as much as she got when she was going out several times a day.

Each outdoor visit meant up and down the outside steps - that in itself was great for her. She would also occasionally gallop up the higher flight of front porch steps. No more.

So tonight I grabbed the laser light and we played Red Dot for 15 minutes. I finished by tossing her 2 treats to catch. She loves to stalk it. I might try to do this each night around 7 but my finger gets very tired pressing that button on the light.

Managed to do a little more food prep today, too. I expect to need lots of grab-and-go stuff down the line when I either don’t have time to cook, don’t have energy to cook, or just plain don’t want to cook.

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