Saturday, June 10, 2017

Taking Great Pleasure in This Day

This was a day filled with happy thoughts. It doesn’t mean everything was perfect from start to finish. It does mean that I was happily able to find more good things to appreciate, and do more things than I expected to when I first got up this morning.

We have had strong winds lately but I did manage, before 6 a.m., while it was not yet hot, to walk my neighbor’s lot (they are away for the summer) and pull some scattered weeds. I will spray one of these days as soon as the winds die down. Did my lot, as well.

I also managed to dice and “stew” two big apples and two big pears. I nuked them - 5 minutes, stir once, then 5 minutes more. Now I have 4 cups of the mixed fruit for my cereals. It will be soft enough considering my missing lower dentures. It should last a week or so.

Two laundry loads snuck in, too. One of them included ALL my squishy soft slippers. They were really crying for a bath. Tossed in the insoles from all my slippers and shoes as well.

Along the way, I also tossed myself into the shower and loved, loved, loved that.

I took my bill-clipboard and made sure I had listed all my bills for this month.

The Belmont Stakes had me glued to the TV for two hours but I worked on a scarf for the homeless while I watched that.

Oh, and these past months, I’ve used, reused, and used again, about 14 one-gallon jugs because of my water rationing needs. I think I can safely retire them for a while. I gathered the sturdier ones into one trash bag and the flimsier ones into a different one. They each had handle-ties, so I hung each bag on a sturdy plastic hanger in the closet in Frank’s old room.

Father in heaven, thank you for my roomy old home, for blessing me with the ability to still do some things around here, and for doubly blessing me with the ability to see all the good things you have done for me, this day, and all the ones now gone and the ones to still come.

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