Friday, May 26, 2017

The Elusive Lemon

I’ve lost a lemon. I’ve lost a lemon in my fridge. How on earth can I lose a lemon, a single but lovely lemon in my fridge?

We all have stories of the time(s) we have put something in a “safe place” and then we forgot where that place was. We all have stories of never, ever finding those things again.

But this is a LEMON. And it was in my fridge.

Now, I know it was in there on Tuesday. On Tuesday, a big truck from Three Square (a group who distributes produce/food to folks in our area) was at our senior mobile home park’s entrance. When we supplied ID to prove we lived there, we wandered on home with 6 big beautiful apples, 6 big fat oranges, 6 big ol’ ornery onions, some bottles of water, and a nice box of 10 8-paks of hostess mini-donuts. When I rearranged my fruit/veggie bins in the fridge, I do remember seeing that elusive lemon at that time.

That was, what, all day Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, for that lemon to find a hiding place.
I’ve looked in the fridge. I’ve sort of moved some things around, thinking I placed it on a shelf while putting the other things away. I’ve even looked in the freezer (I know, I know, but after all, I am 77 now, and it could happen!).

I even looked on TOP of the fridge!

Very carefully, I thought back, and I know I did not use it.

At this point, I even did a sniffing routine. Perhaps, I thought, I left it “out” and it is slowly rotting. So far, I do not detect a smell. So far, I do not detect any fruit flies. So far, I am drawing a blank.

So, tomorrow, after I come home from delivering half my route of our monthly newsletter, and after I run into a neighbor’s home to make sure she shut off things before she left for the summer. I will try once again.

Tomorrow, I will go over that fridge. I will do it shelf by shelf. I will do it drawer by drawer. I will even look at every inch of the door shelves. It is only a fridge and limited in space.

And hopefully, I will find that elusive lemon!

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