Saturday, May 27, 2017

Fire Department Just Left Here - Do Not Worry!

The Fire Dept just left here about half an hour ago, around 8 p.m.

It’s not that I wanted to have 4 tall muscular handsome dudes running into my house. Apparently my carbon monoxide alarm malfunctioned. It was installed over 5 years ago by a local agency. The firemen said I need a new one - no biggie. They say the units are under $20 so I’ll get one when I get my funds on the 3rd. Better it should malfunction and give me a warning (the beeping started, one beep a minute, and a light said to call 911, and they called the dudes).

I consider this a heavenly warning. And I love that it happened before I went to sleep. At least I had time to calm down. Seriously, I will at least sleep well, knowing what was wrong and knowing it’s a simple fix.

But I’ve got to tell you, ladies, those four fellows looked calendar-worthy...Shoot - I should have taken a selfie!

This early warning took care of several matters. It clued me that I need a new unit. Reading that fool thing which is installed a foot above my head on a wall meant that I needed a flashlight and my reading glasses. When I grabbed the one flashlight, I was happy it was the working one. I keep trying to remember to change the batteries in the others. I have one in each room - I will take care of those over the next few days for sure.

Sweet Jesus, thank you for always looking after me. I am so grateful that this happened early enough to not affect my sleep. I’m grateful that it is an easy fix. And I’m grateful, as always, for the early warnings you send my way.

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