Monday, April 10, 2017

Gratitude, Attitude, Goals Renewed

Lord Jesus, I have no idea where I am being led. I am not resisting. But my finite mind does get confused about which path the Father wants me to take.

You know how grateful I am for all the love and prayers and various types of help you have sent to me through my friends and loved ones. I could not have survived this long without that.

If I am to eventually sell this mobile home and go to a senior-affordable-living apartment, in today’s world that means a waiting list and it means getting this house in good enough shape to be able to find a buyer. For this I need your Divine help.

If I am to stay here and continue what few good works I can do, then, again, I need to continue to focus on getting the home into functioning condition once more.

Everything in its own time and according to the Father’s plan. I am on track with that. Even though I know I am not very good at reading the Father’s hints, I do pray that he does not need to smack me on my head to get my attention. Perhaps we could meet somewhere - midway?

So for now, I pray for understanding and wisdom, for patience and for your continuing protection, love, and compassion. I trust in you.


cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Oh my gosh Evelyn....I lost you for 4 months and wondered where you were??? For some unknown reason I was not getting undated posts. Till I figured out you changed your blog name. Oh well, I caught up a little bit but not all. You sure have been through some turmoil. Sorry to hear you have to comtiplate moving...but it will work out for the best....God knows.

Evelyn Mayfield said...

That is so odd, my friend. I never changed the blog name - it's been the same since 2008. But I think the host, Blogger, did something like add an "s" to the http - that might have been the problem - I didn't know how to notify folks of that change...I'm not thinking of moving but I am not resisting the possibility, way down the line...God willing, it will not be for quite a while...hopefully, several years, and if I had my own way, never (lol)...hugs and prayers...Evie