Friday, April 21, 2017

Food Prep Fun and Games

It’s been a bit busy of late but happily so. With my no longer having my bottom dentures, I now need to pre-prep a lot of my food.

In a way, my life is rather comical. For many months, about six of them, my days were wrapped around my water-rationing. My broken and disintegrated galvanized pipes under the house forced me to do water usage at very short intervals, turning it on and off only when really necessary.

Then, thank you, Lord, I was able to get the pipes fixed. So I figured my in-house time-issues would be resolved.

Then, the dentures broke for good. And now my days revolve around food prep. Yep, the Lord really loves to give me a reason to be up-and-around. This is probably a good thing. Who knows how lazy I would be otherwise? I do have to laugh at it all.

Anyhow, over the past few days, I’ve spent time fine-dicing pears and apples with our Vidalia Chopping Wizard (for my every-other-morning oatmeal), making V8-type smoothies (to use up the now hard-to-chew veggies) for the freezer, par-boiling half a bag of shredded carrots (1/2 for avocado/raisin/carrot salad and 1/2 for my omelets), steaming and freezing a head of cauliflower into several sides for the freezer, and well, you get the drift. I did pace myself and I still have more to do so that I won’t have to watch the food spoil. It’s all working out.

This coming week or so, I really do need to do some more crock pot meals. All in its own good time, though...

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