Friday, March 10, 2017

Uh Oh

Ok, trying to think positive here. Wednesday, when I backed the car off the driveway, I could see two quarter-sized spots that would have been under the front end of my car. This morning, backing out to go to Charity Crafting session, I saw a much larger single spot. I was hoping it was condensation. I figured if it were dry when I returned a few hours later, that was it.

It was still wet. I stopped short of that spot, took a tissue, and gently made a blot of the spot. I’ll take that to my guy tomorrow morning. I am not even going to consider what it might mean. I was going to stop there tomorrow anyway for an oil change.

Crossing fingers, toes and eyes...and making some life-changing decisions, but it will take about a year for them to be in place...

Silkie is beginning to be her old self. When I came in the back door, her little fuzzy face was trying to get around me to get out. I will need to watch from now on. It’s been almost a month since her injury. Half of me is happy she is feeling friskier. Half of me is sad because I can longer allow her outside. Life moves on...

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