Wednesday, March 8, 2017

My Friends with Emotional Needs

My heart is aching for a few of my friends and there is nothing I can do to help them, except for prayer. In several cases, I’m talking about depression, about overwhelming fatigue and feelings of helplessness from 24/7 caregiving, about suicidal thoughts, about heavy financial worries. 

I’m talking about normally very strong people, folks who have come through terribly dark times and have shown their strength and their ability to not only survive, but thrive. And now they are fearful that it is not enough, that they will not be enough.

Unfortunately, most folks think physical needs are more important than emotional and mental needs. This isn’t always the case. We often recover from overwhelming physical and medical issues with a good night’s sleep, or a break in routine (a nap, a treat, a vacation). Emotional and mental issues stay inside us and pound at us and wear us down.

There are many folks on my personal prayer list who are in need of emotional rest and peace.

When I think about them, and how they feel overwhelmed and at their wit’s end, I am reminded of Jesus at Gethsemane. In the garden on Good Friday, he was overwrought. This was the Son of God. And yet, even he wept and begged that God would relieve him of his burden. Who are we to feel we are at fault, or less than all we can be, when things overwhelm us?

For any of you with the same concerns, I’m pasting a few of my prayers from my Busy Person’s Prayer Book. Why? Because frankly, I wrote each of these for myself, when I, too, was overwhelmed, and I was afraid I would not survive. I prayed these over and over, almost hypnotically. Maybe one of them will help you. Maybe not.

Sweet Lord Jesus, we are taught that you know all too well the feelings of human doubt and fear and the desire that it will all go away. Take these friends into your compassionate heart and fill them with all the strength they need to get through their troubled times. Be with them, guide them, heal them, show them the way. Let them know you love them. And as always, not our will but the Father’s, be done.

Caregiver’s Prayer
Father, someone needs my care
I need your help to do it right
Replace resentment with compassion
Replace my heavy heart with one that’s light.

When Things Go Wrong
Father, when things are going wrong
And my world is falling apart,
Please hold me in your loving arms
And send your peace into my heart.

For Help in Paying Debts
Father, you’re the one who knows
The answer to financial woes
Open my eyes so I may see the way
To funds for those who I must pay.

Today’s Troubles, in Advance
(Morning Prayer)
Dear God, this day may have its troubles
And some will come as a great surprise
If I am too burdened to come to you
I trust you to help if the need should arise.

Taking it Slow and Easy
Like the tortoise against the hare,
Slow and steady gets you there.

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