Monday, March 27, 2017

Today’s To-Do List Results

I had a To-Do list for today. Part of it was scribbled on a note, the rest was mental. Things got away from me, as they do for all of us. So this is what I managed to do from that list -

Drop off proofing copies of the monthly newsletter - check

List Easter Egg Coasters on Etsy - check, but not the way I figured. I never got them as far as Etsy. I happened to post them on Facebook while I was trying to decide if I needed better photos and they sold that way - yes, so, check

Try to put everything back from the  Fri/Sat re-pipe of the back bathroom - all I did was pull out two or three things I needed for the day/night - still on list

Begin to clear one section to use for stacking things for the Park Wide Yard Sale - still on list

Bag all the old empty toner and inkjet cartridges in one big bag for Wednesday trash - still on list

Toss several bags of plastic containers I was saving for various craft supplies, etc., and get them ready for recycle on Wednesday - still on list

Make a garden salad, to last a few days - still on list

Make the avocado/carrot/raisin salad to munch on for a few days - still on list

Begin to really really clean that back bathroom which was neglected as all cleaning that required water was neglected during that six months of water-rationing - still on list

The reason why some things never even got started today was because I received an email and needed to do some things that I didn’t plan to do. I had to download some papers, sign them, then scan them and email them back. This should have taken me half an hour at most; it took me almost three hours. My Windows 10 doesn’t recognize my old printer’s Scan function. I tried several programs already on the computer and in my other programs. Nothing would give the .pdf that I was required to email. Finally, finally, I managed to scan, even though it saved only as an image. From there, I had to find the folder it automatically saves to, click the images (three, for three pages), and then Print, but change from printer to “print to pdf” - that did it.

Also, although I rarely have time for phone calls, a dear friend was overwhelmed with many issues and when I got that call, we took time to talk.

It was not a bad day at all - just not filled with things coming off that list - tomorrow’s another day, another list...when I keep on keeping on, eventually most of it gets done. 

I really must make that garden salad and that avo/carrot/raisin salad. I found myself just grabbing stuff that I had weaned myself from - ok, I confess - I was so hungry for something and nothing was “it” so I plopped 3 small slices of raisin bread into the toaster, at one point, and slathered it with oleo. I am very angry with myself, but it tasted so good - I never even made it to the shaker of cinnamon/sugar (well, sugar substitute). Can’t do that again. A slip here and there is okay, but I don’t want to go backwards.

I hope you each were able to check off a few things on your own To-Do lists today - or at least one item...

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