Saturday, March 25, 2017


Without going into details, the funds for the re-piping are available! I will let the plumbers know later this morning - because they left at 2:45 this morning, I know they are probably still sleeping.

We will probably schedule the job for a few weeks from now because of all I still need to do to clear the areas in front of some walls they'll need to go through, but I am fine with what they did for me last night. These folks took a leap of faith by beginning the job, not being sure I could come up with the funds, and I am so happy that I can confirm their trust was well-placed. God truly is good...

What was done last night will be not only manageable but better than the past 6 months. It is no biggie to wash the dishes in the suds at the kitchen sink and then take the dishes to the back bathroom in a nice strong plastic bucket to rinse. I can fill the kitchen sink from a bucket from the bathroom shower or whatever.

I cannot wait to take my first un-rushed, un-timed shower in 6 months - I might not get out in a hurry so do not worry if you do not hear from me for a long, long while (lol)...

Sweet, sweet Lord Jesus, never let it be said that you are not compassionate and understanding. I prayed to both you and St. Joseph to guide the folks who did the work last night, because both of you lived here on earth, working with your hands. Bless my plumbing team and the one who answered my prayers, please, and bless them abundantly! And thank you, sweet Jesus!

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