Friday, March 24, 2017

My Leak is now Leak(s), Plural - Update

Ok, my one leak under the house has become several. 

I noticed the one side of the lot getting wet a day or so ago and it has apparently been that way a little while. I called a fellow I dealt with twice before on those old pipes. He did section-patches twice for me (10 yrs ago, and again 6 yrs ago) and had told me they couldn’t be patched again. He came right over this evening, and he and his wife (who works with him) took a look. They showed me how bad it was, but I already knew in my heart.

Long story short, the only way to do this was to bypass all the leaks and give me complete access to water in my back bathroom - that is the shortest distance from input and easiest for immediate help. I will have to carry my dishes through the house, back there, and do them in the shower stall. No water in kitchen, 2nd bath, or laundry, BUT I will have full access back there - hot and cold water, and no turn-on/turn-off at the shutoff valve. What he did was re-pipe that back bathroom and will not have to do that when the rest of the pipes are done -

Meanwhile, I just hauled stuff away from one inside wall and from under the bathroom sink. I still have to put it all back and do a little clean-up. I’m really tired but in the morning, and all night long, I will have normally running water in the shower stall, toilet and sink. Well, the hot water in the sink is down to a trickle from the rust in the water but he’ll clear that for me tonight.

He has given me a price and the offer is good until 4/15 to get the rest of the piping done. I will find a way even if I have to get a title loan on my old car - I’m not sure how much that could bring but I must try.

The thing is, I cannot even sell it the way it is. And I cannot risk the wet ground underneath unsettling the jacks the mobile is on, or any other issues.

So, in the end, tired as I am, and late as it is (they are still under there finishing up), I have made a bit of progress but have a ways to go.

Sweet Lord Jesus, you and St. Joseph knew what it was to work with your hands. Bless these people who are trying to help me and to bring me a measure of comfort for now. Whisper to me how to deal with the rest, where to find the funds, and anything else I need to know along the way. I trust in you.

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