Wednesday, March 29, 2017

On a Fast Track for a Few Days

My plumber wants to do that re-piping this weekend, with one day’s notice, as soon as he can fit it in. I will know when he knows, and when I get the call.

I wanted to wait until after Palm Sunday, when I’d be finished with the writing/printing/stapling and partial delivery of our monthly newsletter, and the park wide yard sale. This weekend, it will be a real challenge.

For instance, today, I finished printing the newsletter and will staple it tomorrow. I also began putting back all the stuff we took out of the back bathroom over Fri/Sat night when they did that one room for me. I’ve got to clean as I go, and also toss and re-organize as I go, so it is slow going. 

And Saturday and Sunday mornings, I will be out there between 6:30 and 7:30 a.m., delivering about 150 to porch railings. It does keep my legs moving and normally I do not mind it. But one of those days, we might be in the middle of the re-pipe. Interesting.

Along the way, I now need to begin clearing two areas where they will need to cut a wall opening to connect the pipes. This means moving a dresser out of the way in the bedroom behind the one bathroom. But there is another dresser along that wall, with the TV on it, and the telephone, and there is a cord for the DSL coming from the outside wall, along the carpet. I keep a rag rug over it so I do not trip. For the day they are doing that job, I think I would be wise to just NOT go online that whole day, and thus be able to disconnect everything along that wall, so that they can come and go and work easily and quickly. I keep looking at all the “stuff” I need to move - it’s not heavy, it’s just all “stuff.” 

More of an inconvenience than a problem.

Dealing with it became the biggest challenge, until I realized that this means, if all goes as planned, that come Monday morning, all my water in my mobile home will be functioning properly for the first time in a long time - I can do the laundry easily at home once again, for sure.

So all I need is patience, wisdom, and a little extra stamina, just for this coming weekend...the rest will work itself out, nice and easy, as far as putting it all back to normal.

Normal? I’m not sure there is a “normal” after a certain age...we each just hope for a break between each problem and the next one...

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