Saturday, February 11, 2017

Refugees - WWJD

I was thinking this evening about my current situation. I am really scared, once again, on one hand. On the other hand, I know Jesus has my back and that it will all work out.

I began thinking, as I do at these times, of folks who have it, or had it, worse than I do.

Along the way, I went as far back as Mary, mother of Jesus. She was quite young when she conceived, traveled in not-exactly-luxury conditions to help care for her cousin Elizabeth in the last stages of Elizabeth’s pregnancy. 

Mary also knew she had to return home. She must have had moments when she didn’t want to do that. She knew she would be criticized for the circumstances of her own pregnancy - she must have realized she would be humiliated, possibly even stoned to death. Then that long journey in her final days before the birth, for the census. This, followed by a birth in, again, not-exactly luxury conditions.

Immediately following birth, she and her husband had to flee to Egypt to escape the murder of her little baby. For them, a strange new land, new customs, new language. How would they be received? How would they adjust? Would they be welcome?

At that moment, I realized it is also a question for me today - my own faith, and that of others of either Christian or Jewish backgrounds. There is a long, long history of fleeing, wars, refugees.

Now I must ask myself - in today’s world, WWJD?

Sweet Lord Jesus, help us all, all over the worlds, to make righteous decisions when it comes to the lives of refugees everywhere. There can be limits, as there have always been. But I pray with all my heart and soul that we stop a moment before each decision, and ask ourselves, WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?)?

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