Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Happily Busy the Past Few Days

How is it we can be so busy at times, and yet hardly able to pinpoint what it was we were busy “at”?

Saturday I did have a short visit with a dear friend who used to live in the same senior mobile home park. But that wasn’t even half a day.

Sunday I met a gal I have ‘known” from the internet ever since 1987. We spent a few hours just chatting. Again, not even half a day.

Monday, I began helping a friend by feeding 3 big ol’ fur babies in the mornings for a few days. But even with me sitting with them while they ate, and for a while afterwards, that’s not half a day.

After that first session, I stopped in the 99-cent Only store for produce. I always, always rinse what I bring in like that. With my water rationing issues, I had to coordinate my water usage. So I did them all one after the other - a bag of apples, a bag of pears, a head of cauliflower (which I immediately cut into florets and steamed, and into the fridge for salads), a really big cucumber, rinsed and also trimmed a pound of strawberries, and half a dozen tomatoes. That took a while, and I had to wash/rinse the colander, etc., right afterwards.

Today, after feeding the pooches, I ran into Smiths to fill my 3-gallon jug of water and to pick up some Smiths freebies.

In the midst of these little activities, I managed to work on a charity baby blanket and a scarf for the homeless.

But other than that, I did not de-clutter, clean or do other things I really want to dive into.

I suppose that as long as I still have the desire to do those other things, at least I’m still on track. 
But I’m not sure where the track is leading...

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