Sunday, February 12, 2017

Personal Prayer Request - Big Time...

I just looked back at all my posts and I have not asked for prayers for my personal concerns since back in November 2016.

Back then, the laptop I was using crashed. That began an almost Murphy’s Law routine, trying to get a tower, monitor and so on that would work together for the lowest possible price. In the end, my cash layout was very low in most folks’ eyes. For me, it meant taking it out of daily expense funds. Things all worked out, but I did ask for prayers. And for those, I still thank you.

Lately, I have asked quite often for prayers for some dear folks I know and care about. You have always come through.

And lately, I have mentioned my concerns, hoping by seeing them in black and white, I would also see solutions. I posted prayers of my own at the end of each post. But I have not needed to ask for prayerful help from others.

By scrimping and using other means, I have managed to get the bills paid each month. You all know that I can probably do that on my limited income, but only if something else does not crop up.
This month, two something-else’s cropped up.

First was my car battery on the first day of the month. I managed to catch it just before it went completely out on me. That catch saved me from needing a tow from wherever it might have broken down while on an errand. I am very grateful to the Lord for that. But it had to be paid. Unlike some, I do not have a credit card to charge it to.

Second is a payment due this month - my annual fee for my Carbonite computer files backup. That service saved me untold grief several times since I signed up wth them. True, again, for most folks, the fee doesn’t sound like much. But it comes out of other bill money.

I felt so good at the end of the year, ending it on a note where none of my bills, shelter and non-shelter alike, was in arrears.

Well, this month that changes. I just do not have enough after those two payouts, to cover my monthly expenses.

Anytime I get to this point, prayer is the only thing I can rely on. And the Lord always comes through for me.

So, I ask only this: please say a quick prayer so that I might see the solution to this month’s shortfall? You do not need to mention it. But we all know there is power in the prayers of those who gather together in his name.

Lord Jesus, you promised to hear us if we come to the Father through you. Please hear my prayer, my fear, and the prayers of others. Let me see what I can do, what I must do, to cover legitimate expenses this month. And not my will, but the Lord God’s be done.

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