Monday, February 13, 2017

Had Fun Distracting Myself Today

You all know that I have a tendency to eat bad stuff if I am stressed or worried. Even though I don’t allow myself to worry for long, it can still mean eating what I shouldn’t. Knowing this, I try hard to have things in the fridge, closet or freezer that I can grab and eat but which are not too bad for me. My healthier stash dwindled to next to nothing. Time to fill the larder (look that one up, kids) with halfway decent edibles and snacks.

Actually, I began yesterday. I wasn’t up to a lot but I began. 

I made Jello. I know. But I make a batch with 1 small box Cherry sugar-free and 1 small box Lime sugar-free. The color isn’t great, sort of a muddy cranberry. But I like the flavor blend. And I pour it into two separate 1-1/2 lb. deli containers. Then I plop a big ol’ tablespoon in the first one, and every time I open the fridge, I can have at it. Lo-cal, tasty, wet, juicy, hits the spot usually with just one spoonful. But it keeps me from grabbing the bag of tortilla chips, pretzels, candy or cookies. Those things are always here but I try to avoid mindless-grabbing.

So this morning, I took out and began defrosting a big meaty ham bone, a pound of ground turkey, a tray of chicken tenderloins (just under a pound) and my next-to-last container of crockpot ham and split pea soup.

Tomorrow, or overnight tomorrow, I’ll first do a ham and beans pot. The next one will be a pot of ground turkey chili. I’m not sure what I’ll do with those chicken cutlets. They are very flat and will cook in a heartbeat.

Today, I concentrated on making a garden salad which I can dip into each day for at least four days. Tossed in everything garden-y that I could find in the fridge. Opened a tin of salmon and I will put 1/3 of that into the salad each of the next three days. I already ate one serving today.

Earlier today, I found I still had a small bag of corn tortillas. That led me to a mid-morning snack of a fried-egg and string cheese (nice and melty) quesadilla.

Now to look and see if I can conjure up some other “treats” besides that Jello. I’ve got a tube of Grands in the fridge door, and a roll of pie dough in the freezer.

I’m on a roll. It breaks the monotony and uses what I’ve had around but was too un-focused to use.

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