Thursday, February 2, 2017

Hats, Scarves and Gloves and More

We made another distribution of our hand crocheted and/or knit items for the local homeless in January. 

We passed along 145 Hats, 24 Scarves and 9 pairs of Gloves.

This is our fourth distribution since October. I’m not sure if there will be another smaller one this month or early March. We’ll see.

Our group shrank a bit this past year. One gal who was with us almost six years, I think, moved out of state during the summer. 
Another stopped knitting, at least for a while. It would be nice if it’s only temporary but she has a lot of medical issues. She, too, did a lot of work for us and with us for a few years. But in the past, when we’ve had one or two leave, the Lord seems to have somebody in the wings who replaces them.

In spite of this, we still seem to be able to produce at a nice gentle pace. That’s all we want. One thing we always focus on is enjoying the process. If we ever end up stressed or feel pushed on this, we’ll probably just stop.

For now, we’re doing fine as you can see from our latest distribution above.

It’s amazing how the items accumulate - sort of like the tortoise and the hare. We work at our own pace but it always adds up to a surprising result.

Anyhow, we were happy to be able to distribute the latest batch. Back to my crochet hook and yarn...

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