Thursday, February 2, 2017

Busy Day at Busy-ness

Sorry for the corny title to this one. I’m a little goofy at this point.

I spent most of today taking photos of the things that I’ve made along the way but never managed to list in my Etsy shop. Mostly, it is my plastic canvas satin ribbon bookmark/ornaments, a few (I’m making more this weekend and next week) button-face angel ornaments, and two new laminated Christian bookmarks.

My camera is an older Kodak digital. One of my online friends (Micki) had this model at one time and when I needed one that I could handle easily, with easy to figure features, I got one, too. That was back in 2010. Where on earth did that seven years go? Anyhow, it is still working and doing what I need it to do. I am so grateful that I got it back then when I had the $50 for it. It was well worth it - I have used it and used it and used it.

If I have time tonight, I might list some but I have a feeling it will be tomorrow afternoon, for sure. Lent is fast approaching and these are in demand during seasons such as Lent, Easter and Christmas.
I’m trying hard to do what I can with what I have and with what I know or can do. It also keeps my mind off the situation.

What were those old cliches? The one that comes most quickly to mind is “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” If I keep myself busy, I can’t dwell on useless stuff.

These days, my mind is awash in issues. It is often very difficult to choose one task and focus on it. Too often, I start one thing and veer off onto another, never really finishing any one thing. So the fact that I took all those photos today is a good thing. I also managed to check each one to compress it for the web and lighten a few that were too dark, and cropping one or two others.

It is really nice when I can look back over the day and see I’ve actually accomplished something, no matter how little it might be.

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