Sunday, February 19, 2017

Cat Meds Update

Tonight I was not able to get even one drop from a dropper inside her mouth. I have given up that method, as of that moment.

Meanwhile, one of the worst, yuckiest of the 3 prescriptions seems to work well if I drip a couple of drops into a small pool of gravy drained from a can of cat food. She’s not allowed the canned food until she drops a lot of weight, but I’m gonna use a little of that cat gravy, if I need to, to get those meds in her. So that’s one of the three.

Tonight I tried one of the others in some chicken gravy from canned cat food. If she laps that up tonight, we’re good on that one.

Now the most difficult is the one that must be refrigerated. I can’t just let that one lie around until she drinks it. I’m thinking that, beginning tomorrow morning. I’ll dribble a little from that refrigerated one onto the top of her paw where she will be almost compelled to lick it off. It would be nice if that works.

Otherwise I’m out of options. I’m just not able to do this at this point in my life. We all have our limits and while I am doing well, in a way, for my age, this is beyond me and I have to stop verging on the edge of stressing over this. If I make myself sick over it, that sure won’t help her.

Tomorrow’s another day...

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