Saturday, December 17, 2016

Moving Cold Climate Folks to Top of Prayer List

The weather outside is frightful, as say the lyrics to a famous tune. For some areas of our country, it is especially true now. Winter has taken hold and with a fury.

It is so easy to dismiss it with the thought that these folks always have harsh winters and that they must be used to it.

Well, yes, and no. 

Yes, they might be used to harsh winters. I was, myself, back in the day, in Philly and again in NJ. 

And, No, because most of us can see that the weather patterns are changing. We can no longer rely on what used to be. All the knowledge we gained on how to handle it no longer applies if it hammers us relentlessly.

So, for folks in the cold weather paths across our country, I’m moving you up to the top of my prayer list for the duration of the winter. You need more help than either I, or well-meaning advice givers, can hand you. You need Divine help, I think.

Lord Jesus, you who walked on water and calmed the sea, have compassion and mercy for those in the paths of this winter’s storms. Help folks to be more sensible when driving, walking or otherwise dealing with this weather. We trust in you.

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