Saturday, October 8, 2016

Meeting the Challenge of No Running Water

This is getting interesting. I just realized I can take real showers (instead of risking the water running through the shaky rusted pipes) in one of several of our mobile home park restrooms. I've known neighbors who have done that. One hurdle crossed.

I'll check one or two local coin laundries on Monday to see current prices. Fortunately, my needs are light in that area - I'm basically a wash-and-wear girl from way back. One more hurdle leaped.

And I also realized that I have two extra 3-gallon bottles for water that I can fill from the hoses at our park's several car wash sites. Yet another hurdle managed...

Can't wait to see what I come up tomorrow. 
Stay tuned. 
This little "still a Philly gal at heart" is nothing if not resourceful.

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