Saturday, October 15, 2016

Inside Valve Installed - Some Relief But Still an Issue

Thankfully, the contractor's crew installed a shutoff valve this morning in my laundry room by the back door. He said that to avoid the lines getting even more corroded and rusted than they already are, I must turn the water line on-and-off for 2 or 3 minutes several times a day.

He also said I should feel free to flush, shower quickly, and do quick loads of laundry, sparingly. I will take big loads, like blankets, to the coin laundry.

I had asked if he would consider my paying for the full job in installments, but he said that is not an option. So even though I can now function somewhat better, the leak is still there, still at risk for a full break, and still must be done.

For now, I will take the relief I just got and keep working on finding the funds for the full pipe job. Moving along....  

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