Thursday, September 8, 2016

My Slightly Productive Day

Not that it amounted to much, but I did actually do a little today in here. 

What did I do? Two loads of laundry, changed the bed linens and the bath towels - that's about it.

But I did move a few things around, checking out what I will be putting out for the Park Wide Yard Sale the 2nd weekend of October in our senior mobile home park.

Our weather is cooling down a bit so I am more likely to run in and out of the house, off and onto the driveway and in and out of the shed. 

Cooling down? Well, for us here in Vegas, a 98 high for the day is a delight when compared with this summer's frequent 114 and over.

Having grown up in Philly's humidity and then later in South Jersey until I was 40, the weather here is comparable to the spring back then. From here on in, we'll have reasonably cool mornings and evenings and nights. The heat of the day will be brief and tolerable.

Delightful. At least from now until next May.

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