Monday, September 5, 2016

I Have Been a Very Bad Girl

Ok, I've been very bad these past few days. Of course, you all know I've been cashing in on my free birthday goodies from places like Denny's and IHop and so forth, and I know I promised a list for all of you and that is almost finished.

To be fair to myself, I usually only eat half of what is presented and I bring home doggie bags and freeze the rest. Also, because of often-limited funds, I sometimes just get water instead of paying for a beverage. I try to only need to leave a tip.

Already, I've thoroughly enjoyed a Denny's Slam and an IHop Rooty Tooty.

Now - here's where I've been bad. Very bad.

Ok. I only ate half. But that is still a couple of pancakes, some with syrup, some with whipped cream, some with both. Plus there are the sausage links. And the butter/margarine (Does anyone say "oleo" these days? I'm dating myself).

Then there was the very very rich and sweet and mightily delicious FREE Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino in all its whipped cream glory.

Because I still have another IHop pancake breakfast coming, probably Thursday or maybe even Wednesday, you'd think I'd be careful about my other food intake each day.


Suddenly all of these goodies have awakened the glutton in me. Well, not in volume, but more in the quality (or lack thereof) of my food the rest of the time.

Today, for instance, I had this awful craving for something I haven't had in over a year: a grilled cheese sandwich.

Unfortunately, I happened to have the fixings on hand. These days, I rarely have a loaf of bread on hand. I stopped that about two years ago. But last week I was in Smith's and a 7-grain day old deal called to me and I bought it for only $0.99 and tossed it in the fridge, planning to make French Toast out of it. I've been nibbling away at that loaf. One day it was a PB&J. Another day it was just Cinnamon Toast. 

And today - yep - a rich and delicious and delightfully greasy grilled cheese. The cheese was very thin sliced generic pepper jack and to do it justice, I needed 3 slices - two overlapping on the bottom and one astraddle them on top.

That sandwich was delicious. More than delicious. And it was stringy and joyful, each and every bite. The 7-grain bread gave it a crunchy texture, too.

Now I'm in trouble.

I'm borderline on sugar and cholesterol - so far, I do not need medication, but after this week, I'd better walk a wee bit and I'd better (after my upcoming IHop and my free Baskin Robbins scoop and my free build-your-own-sundae from Denny's and my free thigh from Church's), yes, I'd better, start behaving again.

Until this time next year, that is...

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