Sunday, August 28, 2016

Why It Makes Sense to Ask So Ye Shall Receive

I had planned to post tonight about my generally being a cup-half-full person. For example, how I view all my recent computer troubles.

For some folks, it would be a downer.

For me, it was a warning, a hint from above that I need to take care of this before it really IS a problem, one that cannot be solved without major cash outlay. Cash which I do not have.

Lo and behold, today I get a response to my post saying a dear local friend has a tower she no longer needs and I can have it! We've gone back and forth by email and it has the software I need, as well.

You all know that I mention the bumps I face on life's journey in my blog posts. When I do that, it is not to be taken as complaining. It is to be taken as explaining.

When I see posts from folks I know and care about, and they are facing troubles, at least I can offer a prayer for them. But unless I know about it, I cannot do even that much. I am certain that some of my friends offered prayers on my behalf regarding those computer issues. And I am sure that now, those prayers have been answered. They have been answered in a way I never expected. But this could not have happened had I not mentioned the issues I was dealing with.

Now that does not mean that I am not careful about what I say online. And I have had friends who choose not to disclose their specific troubles when they ask for prayers.

It all comes down the "ask and ye shall receive" promise. We cannot receive if we do not ask. That doesn't mean we need to ask for a specific item, but we can ask for prayers for help in finding that item, or fixing that item, or whatever.

Lord Jesus, thank you for hearing our prayers, always. Thank you for the early warnings you send my way. Help me to always be alert and grateful for those warnings. And bless all those who have ever helped me and all those who care about helping others. Bless them abundantly!

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