Saturday, August 27, 2016

PC Troubles - Again

Back on August 1, I had trouble with the laptop I am currently using. It wouldn't start up past the "Starting Windows" screen. I managed to do some things and get it going. I'll explain in a moment. Since then, it has happened several more times, including this afternoon.

I'm not stupid so I know I need to deal with this. I made a call to a repair guy that a few of my friends are now using, thanks to a tip from another friend of mine who knew him. When I call him back on Wednesday, he'll set a time for a visit. Hopefully, it will be a definite diagnosis and I'll know whether I need another or not.

What I've been doing to get it going again is to unplug everything, turn it over, and take out the battery for a few moments. It's a slightly different "hard re-boot" routine. But it then does a "repair" routine for a half hour, and then it's fine for a few more days.

This fellow knows a few places where I can get a tower at very low cost. I would love a tower. With all the text input I do, it is my very favorite computer setup - a desktop setup. I already have a great keyboard and a flat screen monitor, thanks to friends/neighbors.

So, for now, I'm okay again, but this time I at least made the move to get some answers. I might not like the answers, but I do need them.

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