Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Moving Along - Tired But Happy

Situation (see posts here) still tricky, but making a little progress. I do have to admit that tonight I am a little tired but happy and with good reason.

Visited my mechanic this morning. It's very hot here, and I have friends who have had blown tires and dead batteries, so I asked his team to check the battery, rotate the tires and check their air, plus see how close I am to needing an oil change. Tires are now rotated and everything else is just fine for now. That's one straw off my back. No money needed on this one. For checkups like this, no parts involved, we quietly work it out. I've made baby blankets for his grandkids and crocheted slippers for the adults and so on.

Someone I did a favor for a while back repaid me with $50, $45 of which immediately went into the bank's ATM. The $5 went into the gas tank, bringing that up to a much safer 1/4 of a tank. Out here in this triple digit heat, I really do not like it at that 1/8 level.

When I got home, I immediately called my agent and paid this months homeowner's insurance. Another straw fell off my back.

A pair of phone calls will, I hope, bring me some help from one of the agencies on one of my bills. So far, no return calls. Maybe tomorrow.

The coffee I made this morning tasted great about then, with ice in it.

Safe Nest, a local charity that helps abused women, is coming tomorrow. What they collect goes into a thrift shop, the commissions from which buys supplies and necessities for their work. I went foraging for old reference books. Years and years ago, I bought lots of self-help books for my budding free lance writing efforts. At this point in my life, the writing I want to once again submit and sell will be all of a certain type, and I no longer need those. Because they are rather specialized, they don't sell well at a simple yard sale, so I gathered three cartons of them. They left a nice little alcove between other cartons which the fur baby seems to delight in.

Those cartons were the reason I am tired. I had to move others to get to those, then re-pack, consolidate, and put back others. Two were not difficult to carry out tonight (they pick up early, around 7 or 8, in the morning) but the third was a doozey. No biggie. I just slid it on the pantry linoleum to the back door, and bumped/pulled it down, one step at a time.

Along the way, I found bags and bags of old paperwork, bills, medical papers and so on, for both my sis (who passed away in '09) and my dear family friend, Jane (who also passed away in '09), so I flopped onto the couch, found something good on the boob tube, and ripped up four of those to start. That, too, was a good feeling. I'll work on other bags off and on this week and weekend. I do admit my left hand cramped a bit at the end of the fourth bag. I'll give it a break tomorrow.

That Etsy order from yesterday was filled, so now I can use that $10 in PayPal this week.

Father, it's been a full but happy day. Thank you for helping me get that one bill paid and for helping me ensure that the car is reasonably safe in this heat. I also appreciate the fortitude and stamina you sent this afternoon that helped me wrestle those boxes of books. You know how happy that made me. We're moving along, aren't we? Please continue to bless me with your love and protection and help. I need it and I trust in it. Tomorrow's another day and I can't wait to see what you have in mind for it...

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