Thursday, August 18, 2016

Enjoying the Fruits of Swagbucks Labor of Love

Christmas Day, 2015, not quite 8 months ago, I began to generate Swagbucks rewards.

At first, totals were minor, less than 30 SBs per day, and I didn't do it every day. A few weeks ago, when I realized I could buy groceries, household supplies and pet supplies with my totals, I really paid attention.

At first, I was simply doing the fun Daily Poll from the To Do list in the left sidebar, for a point a day. Occasionally, I would get 10 SBs from grocery-type coupons I'd printed and used, and from online searches (a few points per sponsored search), or an occasional survey.

Then, on 7/21, from what I see on my SB history, I woke up. Most of what I accumulated was gained between 7/21 and  8/18. Since then, I've cashed in gift cards for $25, $25, and $10, and used them for kitty supplies and groceries and household needs.

If I were not in financial straits, think what I could have by the end of each year!

If I had not cashed anything in of late, I would already have "earned" in rewards 6049, a little over $60. But it's closer to 65 because the first card of month often offers a discount (22 in lieu of 25, e.g.).

Swagbucks offers you a daily goal with a bonus if you hit it. When I began, that was 30 a day with a 3 SB bonus. Now I'm up to 100 with a 10 SB bonus. Those bonus reward points are totaled at the end of the month and added early the next month. As a friend explained to me, they do add up.

Plus, if you hit your goal 7 days in a row, you get 25 extra bonus SBs, and if you hit your goal 14 days in a row, its 100 SBs as a bonus.

So it has already proven  that in my case, at least, it's worth my time.

I'm already paying for the internet access, so why not use it sensibly to ease some financial burdens. It would be great to one day be able to say, "Hey, I've got enough right now for a Home Depot (or Lowes) card to get a ceiling fan.

So long as I do not push myself in a stressful manner, and only do the activities that are in my comfort zone, it is enjoyable and worth my time.

You can go here to sign up or check it out -

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